Life was not meant to be lived alone! I think most of us know that, but sadly, a lot of people settle for shallow, inconsistent relationships. Joining a New Life Students C-group in is the BEST way to get connected to other christians, feel known and cared for, and grow in your faith. We hope and pray that you will step out in faith and join a group! We know you will have a lot of fun, make great friends, and grow closer to God. We can’t wait to see all that God is going to do in and through our C-groups this year!

The “C” in C-Groups stands for Connect…because that is the whole point of C-Groups! They are simply a small group of about 5-10 students who meet in a home with a caring, awesome, trained adult leader to dive a little deeper into the Bible, share life together, and grow closer to God and each other. C-Groups meet weekly for an hour and a half all over the 5-cities and Nipomo at all different times of the week! They are organized by same gender and age group and location/time preference.

Ever wonder why we use a fox in our small groups logo? FUN FACT: Foxes are one of the only members of the canine family that do not live in large packs. Instead they live in small family-like groups called “skulks”. Foxes know the best way to live in community!

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